Motorhome Parking & Tenting Area

The Okaihau RailStay motohome carpark and tenting area offers the seclusion and security you look for to park your self-contained motorhomes and campervans.

Outside, there is ample space for tents and play activities on the well-kept lawn.

Situated in the heart of the midnorth, Okaihau RailStay is the perfect spot to explore both the paradise of the East Coast and the rugged beauty of the West.

C.A.P. (Prices per day; subject to change)

  • Park $15 per vehicle
  • Tents $5 per person
  • Power $5 per person
  • Shower $5 per person
  • Toilet $5 per person
  • Kitchenette $5 per person
  • Charge E-Bike $2 per battery
  • Rubbish $1 per bag
  • Guest Shuttle Service Please Enquire

If you are planning on cycling the Twin Coast Cycle Trail Okaihau RailStay does offer a shuttle service. Please enquire for further details.